A little about me.

I have a unique history of experience as I worked in Chicago doing graphic design and building websites back in '96 - '00 which then transitioned into working in Hollywood creating Visual Effects (VFX). While VFX may be art, it's created with an insane level of technical know-how and experience.

During my 14 years in that industry, I taught myself how to write software. It all started slowly with 1-2 line scripts that would loop through a lot of objects in my scenes and change something. Once I realized how powerful it was, I jumped head first into it. I then started creating in-house pipeline tools to help optimize the flow at various studios I worked at. My drive and desire to get better kept growing. This natually (for me) led into jumping full-time into developing iOS apps as soon as Apple released the App Store. I've been a full-time developer ever since.

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These are some of my skills with rough ratings on my level of understanding.

  • Swift 8/10
  • Obj-C 8/10
  • Javascript 6/10
  • Python 5/10
  • C++ 4/10
  • Photoshop 10/10
  • Illustrator 8/10
  • Paintcode 8/10
  • 3D Software 10/10
  • Compositing 10/10

I started coding iOS apps long before Swift was a thing so I definitely know Obj-C, but the more I use Swift the more I want to forget that Obj-C ever existed. It's just simply amazing to use. I also have extremely in-depth knowledge of graphics in general and am fully capable of creating the UI/UX side of apps if required. I'm usually the one that the UI guys come ask questions if needed.


Here are a few bullet points that I feel separate me from the competition.

  • Leadership

    I've lead teams of up to 55 people on incredibly high stress projects with budgets in the hundreds of millions of dollars. I love leading teams but I also love putting headphones on and just getting dirty day to day.

  • Technical background

    I've been in one CTO type position or another since 2006 which has given me a very broad level of tech understanding in general. It's one of those things that you really have to put effort into to stay on top of all the new trends... because lets face it, this industry progresses fast

  • Visual Effects background

    My background in VFX really taught me a level of understanding of graphics in general that helps with way more than I thought it would with Software Development. This stuff comes up almost every single day it seems.


Here are a few awards my work has received over the years

  • Emmy

    Won Best VFX for a Mini-Series. John Adams. This project was one of the more enjoyable projects I've ever worked on.

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  • Oscar Nomination

    Nominated for an Oscar for Best VFX in a Feature Film. Alice in Wonderland. Lost to Inception :)

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Some old... some new.